Terms of Sales



In this document, the Gratitude Program (hereinafter “GP”) refers to the program offered by “BG2 Inc. and its affiliates, if any (hereinafter the “Corporation”). By joining the GP, the member agrees to comply with the following conditions and regulations. It should be noted that these conditions and regulations may be changed by the Corporation upon giving at least thirty (30) days prior notice before the end of the member’s subscription. These changes will only be effective upon renewal of the subscription.

These general conditions and regulations determine the rights and obligations of the Corporation and the member with regards to the sale of the GP membership proposed by the Corporation. These general terms and conditions apply to all memberships made through the Corporation’s website and are an integral part of the contract between the Corporation and the member. The member declares to have read and understood all the present general conditions and the regulations, and to accept them without restriction nor reserve. The member declares to have the necessary capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement under the laws of the province of Quebec.


A. The conditions to become a member of the GP

1. To become a GP member, the interested person must complete the online registration form. To this end, the Corporation is committed to respecting its privacy statement, which can be found on the GP’s website: www.programmegratitude.ca

2. The membership card shall only be given to the following natural persons:

A) natural person registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec;
B) A natural person who owns a partnership registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec;

3. For this reason, the member must provide a valid Quebec Enterprise Number (commonly known as the “NEQ”) at the time of registration and provide proof of identity, if required by the Corporation.

4. The virtual card can be downloaded via a cellular application.

5. The Corporation shall provide a confirmation of your purchase by email.

6. The Corporation reserves the right to refuse any application request to anyone who does not respect the conditions to become a member of the GP. The Corporation may also, from time to time, at its sole discretion and without cause, terminate an individual’s membership. The Corporation may also, from time to time, terminate an individual’s membership who no longer respects the required conditions or abuses his privileges as a member and may be sued.

7. The member’s virtual card cannot be transferred to anyone, in any circumstances whatsoever, and may only be used by the member or by an accompanying person, subject to the conditions described hereafter.

8. If the member wishes to use his card to benefit from a discount or any other benefit at a partner-company, such member shall pay for his purchases at the partner-company with cash, credit card, PayPal or debit card, as the case may be. An accompanying person who is present with the member at the time of the purchase of the product and/or of the service is offered by the partner-company may also benefit from the discount or other benefit, however the invoice must be paid by the member in the manner described above.

9. The annual subscription fee for a member is $ 49.95 for the virtual card (cellular application). Membership is valid from the member’s registration (the “Anniversary Date”) for a period of one (1) year. All amounts provided in the general conditions and regulations are in Canadian currency.

10. Annual membership and administrative fees must be paid by credit card or PayPal, a secure site, at the time of registration or renewal.

11. There will be automatic renewal every year.


B. The Benefits of GP

1. Membership to GP by a member allows such member to receive discounts or other offers from partner-companies who have entered into an agreement with the Corporation with respect to these subject matters. The essential features of these agreements are made available to the member on the Corporation’s website. It is agreed by the member that illustrations, quotes, photos or other descriptions of the products or services offered by these partners have no contractual value and are presented for indicative purposes only. Partner offers to members may be modified, replaced or revoked by partners without prior notice.

2. When purchasing any product and / or service offered by a partner-company, the partner-company is fully responsible, including but not limited to, for:

a) Verification of the individual’s membership to GP and their eligibility to use the offer;
b) The respect of the specific terms and conditions set forth in their offer in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth hereunder;
c) The methods of purchase and reimbursement of their products and/or services, and where applicable, the customer service;
d) The quality and the warranty of their products and/or services offered;
e) Member satisfaction with respect to the product or service offered;
f) The respect for any and all legislation and / or regulations applicable to their areas of activity.

3. Partnership with partners may not be renewed at the sole discretion of the Corporation. In the case of a non-renewal of a particular partnership, a notice “Offers expired soon” or any similar notice shall appear on the GP website as soon as is reasonably possible.Exceptionally, the Corporation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw or modify a partnership with a partner-company, without notice.

4. In the event thatthe Corporation receives a discount, rebate, cashback, profit or any other benefit in connection with GP from a partner-company, the Corporation may retain samefor its own use or credit, without being accountable to the members.

5. The Corporation waives any and all liability towards the member, of any nature whatsoever, in relation to the Corporation’s partner-companies, their solvency, their offers, their products, their services, any declaration or representation made by a partner-company or for the benefit of the latter.

6. The Corporation waives any and all liability towards the member for the cancellation or amendment of GP in whole or in part, the addition or withdrawal of partner-companies, the availability of offers, and the changes made by the partner-companies to their terms and conditions.